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Jammers Tech is our newest program. This group is open to 7th-12th graders who are interested in learning how to capture, produce, edit and deliver video content. The class officially meets once a week at Jammers Headquarters.  Class size is limited to 8.. No prerequisite background in A/V is necessary. This program also has an Advanced Tech class. Students must have completed the first semester of Jammers Tech to enroll in Advanced Tech. Jammers Tech graduates are in charge of creating and capturing promo and production materials in-house for the Jammers ensembles.

Interested in enrolling your child? Click here to read the handbook and enroll.

Jammers Tech Classroom
Jammers Tech Control Room

Jammers Tech crew starts by learning the basics of the professional gear at Jammers Headquarters (JHQ). After getting comfortable operating the equipment, the students will begin learning the fundamental concepts of capturing video and audio. Next up, they'll learn how to edit video content and create a workflow for the process. Finally, Jammers Tech participants will learn how to master edited content for delivery.

Along the way, students will learn concepts of types of camera shots, audio capture, storyboarding, lighting, coloring, live-streaming, and marketing. Participants will have the chance to work hands-on with live subjects and produce content for all things Jammers related. Learning through real-world application while developing and refining their skills as videographers, audio engineers, directors, and editors.