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 Jammers Gold

Part Fun, Part Social, Part Learning! We will be meeting twice a month (see schedule below).  The goal is to have fun and learn a little along the way. Cost is $200, paid monthly ($50/month), or in one payment ($200) or two payments ($100 each). Obviously the more rehearsals you can make, the better, but if you have to miss a couple, that shouldn't deter you from signing up.

Payment do upon registering (non-refundable) 

Click the button above to register. Registration opens on 9/3

Fall Semester Dates:

Sept 13th: Fri 7:30 pm
Sept 27th: Fri 7:30 pm

Oct 11th: Fri 7:30 pm
Oct 25th Fri 7:30 pm

Nov 8th: Fri 7:30 pm
Nov 22nd Fri 7:30 pm

Dec 6th Fri 7:30 pm
Dec 20th Fri 7:30 pm

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