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Big Jam FAQ

Q:  When is the Big Jam?  

A: The Big Jam will air at 7:00 pm on May 21st.  The Big Jam is all virtual this year!

Q:  When do tickets go on sale?

A:  Tickets (as well as raffle tickets and a download of the show) went on on sale May 1st.  Tie-dye swag will be on sale separately prior to show day too!

Q:  What is the ticket price?

A:  Tickets are $15.  Each current Jammers family will receive a coupon code prior to tickets going on sale for one free live stream ticket.  Please email if you did not receive your code.

Q:  Can I share my ticket/link with friends and family?

A:  Yes, however, the first person to login, gets access while the rest of you sadly stare at a "buy another ticket" link....cursing the day you shared your link ;)  

Q:  Does my Jammer have to be at JHQ or another designated location during the Big Jam?

A:  No!  Filming will take place during rehearsals and the event is completely virtual.

Q:  What if I can't watch the Big Jam "live" on May 21st at 7:00 pm?

A:  No worries!  While you will miss the live prize contest (top prize is a 5-course dinner for 8 with the directors), your ticket will be good for 7 days after the program airs on May 21st.  Or - see next question for another option!

Q:  Will a downloadable recording be available?

A:  Yes!  You will be able to purchase a download of the Big Jam when tickets go on sale.  You will receive your download after the "watch window" ends on May 28th.

Q:  Will there be Jammers swag to purchase?

A:  Yes!  Picture tie-dyed Jammers t-shirts, sweatshirts and magnets.  Need we say more?  You will be able to purchase swag pre-show, during the show, and for about a week after the show.

Q:  Will there be a raffle this year?

A:  Yes!  You will be able to purchase raffle tickets when you buy your show ticket.  You do not need to be "present" to win.

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